Valerie Mishkin

DRE# 02092111

Valerie Mishkin


Valerie Mishkin Aka: Bambi

Her core passion is to create solutions to problems. She can and wants to help people. Advocating for family home ownership,  she takes the time to prepare buyers and sellers for this process. Being the project manage who who supports the client through the sale, building long term relationships ” Above all the Land ” ” My favorite part of the ethics preamble, referring to the importance of land use and ownership rights in relationship to economics and culture.” She has joined the Goverment Realtor Liason Commitee. Motivated to work with the developement of affordable housing and helpng locales achieve the dream. Valerie is ready and able to assist, residential and commercial transactions in our community. ”Bailey Properties is the established link and leader, in community service, in this luxury market.” Valerie Mishkin

Valerie was born in west Texas. Grew up in Nigeria, Kuwait, Indonesia and Texas. She studied art at the San Antonio Art Institute, University of Texas ,and San Antonio College. Lived in Kawaii for 14 years.  Raised three daughtures. Moved to Santa Cruz in 2004 where she has been a business owner. She is involved in the arts, music, gardening and health.


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