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Warren "Aldo" Penniman is a Realtor with Bailey Properties. He has been in related real estate professions since 1962.  As a member of the Santa
Cruz Penniman family, " Aldo" was co owner/Manager of Penniman Title Company until 1992.  At that time Penniman Title merged with Santa Cruz Title
Company. Penniman closed that year as a result of major damage caused by the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. "Aldo" was associated with Santa Cruz Title from
1992 to 2003, then associated with Stewart Title until October 2015.  Warren was a member of The California Land Title Association and The American Land
Title Association. He is a former member of the Santa Cruz Rotary Club and former Board Member of Hospice and the Red Cross.  "Aldo" was born, raised and educated
in Santa Cruz. He has resided here all his life except time spent in the military.
He has witnessed many changes to our sleepy beach town of Santa Cruz.. He enjoys time with his family, his Italian heritage, golf, handball, and  Gin Rummy
with his dear friend CLC.
"Aldo" is always thankful to be living in our beautiful area, never thinking of living anywhere else.
He lives with his wife Kelly near the upper harbor in Santa Cruz..