Take advantage of our personalized career development program and hit the ground running. Team Bailey is much more than a slogan. It reflects a culture of collaboration, cooperation, and inspiration. Bailey Properties has a culture known for developing the most professional team of Realtors® in the region. Paul and Robert Bailey have a history of commitment to their Associates leading to outstanding career development and success. Some of the elements of that commitment include:

  • A personalized path for career development to help you understand your strengths and how to capitalize on them:
    • In house coaching for those new to the business
    • In housing coaching for experienced agents o Learn exactly how the entire residential sales process works: contract creation, negotiation skills and the escrow experience.
  • The transaction from the consumer’s point of view creating a win-win for Buyers and Sellers that result in a high ratings and a referral based business. Learn how to build a relationship based career.
  • Marketing: leveraging today’s technologies to reach local and global clientele.
  • Special Events and Seminars keeping our Team up-to-date with changes in our industry, and learning more about our own region.
  • Workshops for Associates entering the real estate industry for the first time with offerings that will build a solid foundation for a successful career.
  • We teach proven methods for Lead generation & management.

Bailey Properties, your brand partner. Build your personal business and brand in a partnership with the number one name in the real estate business in our region.

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